Live Animal Transport
Live Animal Transport

Case Study

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The Solution - Safe AND Stress-free

There were some crucial factors for the shark’s transportation; keeping the tank at a constant temperature, also its fixings needed to be secure so it would not move unduly and cause any stress for the shark.

Our dual temperature-controlled trailer units are the perfect solution for such an unusual transport, as the ambient temperature range is very flexible and continuously monitored throughout the journey.

A vet was on-board the vehicle for the whole journey, which included six scheduled stops to allow the vet to check for any signs of stress. We completed the entire operation from loading to unloading without any issues or incidents, and we are happy to report the shark was able to fulfil the role in the breeding programme.

No matter how complex your transportation requirements may seem, our team are here to assist. We take pride in consulting with you, understanding challenges and structuring solutions.

McLanachan Transport takes care and satisfaction in every logistics journey we make, but in my many years in transport logistics management, I take enormous pride in our ability to complete this job with as little stress as possible to the shark.

Damian McLanachan