Tracking & Monitoring

Real-time tracking & monitoring systems

Our vehicle tracking systems allow us to be in control of all our vehicles and driver journeys, ensuring your consignment is tracked at every stage. Real-time reporting gives us and our clients, instant location data, allowing us to protect our vehicles, drivers and your consignments. Cellular access provides accurate vehicle location, speed monitoring and replaying of the vehicle trip.

Tracking and monitoring large
tracking and monitoring small

Our systems provide assurance that all the products we transport are safe and secure throughout their journey.

Through our Tachograph Fleet Management Systems, we have access to reports, for drive time remaining for each driver before a rest break is required. We report all tachograph status changes in real-time to our office. This facility allows us to monitor behaviours and provide transparent information for our clients, during transport or as completion reports. Our clients' are confident with the knowledge of our procedures. Our processes, transparent communications and reports continually build valuable relationships.

Monitoring provides the ability to quickly and easily review cargo temperatures and refrigeration unit settings, including set-point. Records detailing temperature location data, refrigeration unit settings and operating mode, as well as door events, arrival and departure times are readily available if and when required.

All of the above offers a complete end-to-end, secure and temperature-controlled supply chain solution, monitored throughout. With our presence in Europe and the UK, we provide a direct service for our clients from the manufacturing point through to final delivery.

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