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McLanachan Transport operates Blue Tree telematics on all its vehicles, offering driving style management features and identifying all events such as excessive idling, harsh acceleration, braking, speeding, use of cruise control and more, regularly helping to improve road safety. These tools easily identify areas where truck drivers and fleet managers can improve performance. Our systems continually improve how we transport goods, and also provide the potential of transport audit for new customers, often realising savings up to 10 per cent in fuel costs.

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Comprehensive transport management system.

The system provides live vehicle location updates together with other available vehicle status information such as fuel level, refrigeration unit status, driver hours remaining, and more. The technology also offers trip reports, stop reports, time at location reports and route replay as a standard, which provides vital information to fleets while increasing efficiency. Our solutions also offer user-friendly messaging and job management, comprehensive, truck-friendly sat nav with coordinates sent directly to the driver along with job information, and customizable 'quick messages' that eliminate time waste and of course improve efficiency.

The comprehensive temperature management feature connects to our Thermo King units, offering live monitoring of unit status and temperatures, and provides alarm notifications via SMS and email. Collectively, we can ensure compliance and cargo safety with telematics that offer proof of temperature for customers and authorities. The system's optional RTL independent dataloggers accommodate up to four temperature sensors and two-door switches. The system reduces reefer consumption and helps effectively diagnose service issues.

Trailer data from telematics provides our fleet managers with live displays and scheduled trailer status information, along with detailed vehicle movement. Our system enables us to maximize trailer deployment by viewing time at location reports to ensure trailer idle time is minimised, protecting trailer fleet from loss and theft, and improving productivity with real-time tracking.

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Benefits of Transport Management.

Our tracking and monitoring systems enable our customers to monitor and track consignments in real-time, no matter where they are in the UK or Europe.

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Traffic Planner

The traffic planner can use this information to intervene where necessary to advise the driver on the correct operation of the tachograph to ensure the driver respects their driving and resting times.

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Live updates of refrigeration unit settings, operating mode, equipment alarm codes, fuel level and cargo temperatures. Reports temperature out of range conditions and refrigeration unit shut down alarms immediately via email or SMS.

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The monitoring of real-time temperature data and temperature management is a service and facility that is critical to many of our clients, including those with temperature essential consignments of product.

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