Sensitive Products

Handling your sensitive cargo with care and attention

When our customers require special transportation handling, McLanachan Transport is ready to handle a wide range of consignments, including luxury cars, products which can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations, significant shock or movement.

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Our customer focus keeps your critical goods in safe hands.

Our many years of experience of sensitive transport operations and our knowledge of the correct handling methods gives our customers the confidence to trust us with their goods. Our customer-first approach to transportation ensures no matter what we transport for our clients; it is handled with the right care and attention to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Planning is the key to every transport journey we make, and when it comes to sensitive cargo we assess the compatibility with any other products possibly within the load. Our team will analyse all transport enquiries and match the best logistic route and vehicle to ensure it's not only a cost-effective solution but one where your cargo is safely delivered to its destination.

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Product quality protection at every stage.

We have a structure and culture that delivers cost-effective, promised transport time (99% record) and processes to drive effective road transportation services for you. It’s a commitment and operation that ensures we retain clients year on year.

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We consult with you, getting to know your business and products. We ensure a product specific transport environment, where route planning and driver experience is key.

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We realise the importance for our clients to be able to access consignment reports and provide open and transparent information for every journey.

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A key factor for you is the ability to monitor vehicle and consignment temperature throughout each journey. Our systems allow you to keep updated at every stage with live status monitoring.

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    From Field To Supermarket Shelves in 24 Hours.

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