Returnable Container Management

Helping extend the life of your container assets

Our returnable container management service helps ensure your valuable container assets are returned, maximising their usability by helping reduce costs, environmental impact by recycling, minimising material usage and waste disposal costs. Reverse logistics can be managed as a separate part of our service from your delivery journey, where we maximise useable space to help get your assets back to your depot.

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A streamlined returnable container service.

Our service helps remove the inefficiency of use-once containers by providing a return service which is not only environmentally friendly but cost-effective. You may already know the benefits of reusable containers - still, sometimes the return logistics can be challenging to coordinate. Many companies spend money on container assets which they never see again after sending a shipment.

The team at McLanachan Transport will ensure the return of your container assets, helping to cut your operational costs and reduce waste. A managed supply chain will streamline the inbound and outbound flow of reusable containers, and our experience and supply chain management will efficiently get your containers back to you, where they are needed and ready for the next consignment.

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Extending the life of your container assets.

There are significant benefits to using a closed-loop supply chain from despatch to return our processes and procedures help you reduce container asset costs and reduce waste.

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We work with our customers to plan and coordinate their consignments to help maximise the lifecycle of your containers for continued use and prevent loss.

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A significant number of packing containers are either lost or end up in landfill due to poorly coordinated management of these valuable assets; we help you save money and protect the environment.

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Knowing how many reusable containers you need to complete a consignment, with the additional knowledge of what stage they are in the supply chain, this information can help you coordinate production and next shipments.


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