Customs Management

Keeping your consignments moving across Europe

Our customs management is designed to help take the concern out of customs clearance by ensuring you have the correct paperwork to manage all port and customs formalities. From legislation to time-critical processing, we enable a fast and transparent service while avoiding delays.

Customs management
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Managing your customs clearance for European and international freight.

The formalities and procedures of customs clearance for goods entering and leaving a specific national territory can be daunting and cumbersome. Our experience of UK, European and ongoing international freight management will help reduce any issues before they become a problem. We work with you to address having goods held up at a border, in advance where possible, and reactively if problems arise.

Customs clearance depends on the particularities of the shipment and whether shipping by road, rail or sea. We work with our customers to ensure they are compliant and have the right paperwork submitted to the correct authorities for inspection and approval. Our integrated tracking and monitoring allow our clients to log in and check the status of any consignment, which is especially important when goods are traversing customs borders.

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Customs management at every stage.

When your consignments are crossing borders and have to comply with differing customs requirements, it's reassuring that your transportation is in safe hands. Our systems are in place to provide clarity and updated information at every stage.

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We realise the importance for our clients to be able to access consignment reports and provide open and transparent information for every journey.

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We meet all legislation set out by our industry for the safe and secure transportation of temperature-controlled goods, added to with our own robust internal strategies.

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A key factor for you is the ability to monitor vehicle and consignment temperature throughout each journey. Our systems allow you to keep updated at every stage with live status monitoring.

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