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Security and Product Integrity for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare logistics

McLanachan Transport provides specialised transportation services to medical institutions and industry-leading pharmaceutical and life science companies throughout the UK and Europe. Our expertise will ensure the security and integrity of your products in our care throughout each journey.

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Expert road freight transport for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

We provide our customers with a flexible collection and delivery solution throughout Europe and the UK. Pharmaceutical products can be susceptible to temperature, and we strictly adhere to their specific ranges throughout the transportation process. Our experience and successful past track record transporting pharmaceutical and healthcare products can provide you with a seamless solution.

Pharmaceutical logistics require intelligent management to assure that goods arrive at their optimum level, on time, correct location, secure and recorded. McLanachan Transport ensures that your products reach their destination punctually, reliably and cost-effectively, along with in the prime condition that you dispatched them.

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Product quality protection at every stage.

We have a structure and culture that delivers cost-effective, promised transport time (99% record) and processes to drive effective road transportation services for you. It’s a commitment and operation that ensures we retain clients year on year.

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We consult with you, getting to know your business and products. We ensure a product specific transport environment, where route planning and driver experience is key.

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We realise the importance for our clients to be able to access consignment reports and provide open and transparent information for every journey.

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A key factor for you is the ability to monitor vehicle and consignment temperature throughout each journey. Our systems allow you to keep updated at every stage with live status monitoring.

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