Returnable Container Management Adds Value To Our Client Relationships
Returnable Container Management Adds Value To Our Client Relationships

Case Study

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The Solution - Returnable Container Management

After extensive discussions and assessment, McLanachan Transport worked with the customer and the production plant to implement a series of procedures to eliminate the IBC return issues.

McLanachan Transport now manages the end-to-end process of making the delivery to the customer’s production plant on the European mainland and taking receipt of any empty IBCs from previous shipments, ensuring their safe and timely return to the UK.

Working with the customer, we put procedures in place for each scheduled delivery of raw materials from the UK. The European production plant prepared for the upcoming delivery, with their warehouse manager arranging for the empty IBCs to be organised and ready for our arrival.

The fast-moving nature of any production plant can cause issues with available space, with most elements which are no longer useful to the manufacturing process quickly removed to free up much-needed space. Rather than moving the IBCs to a storage yard, they were set aside near the loading bay so the warehouse team could quickly load them into our trailer after our scheduled delivery.

On the return route, we take the containers for cleaning and repairs, and then we uplift any prepared IBCs before returning them to their final destination to be reused.

With a strong focus on their environmental credentials, our customer, like many businesses, has a desire and commitment to reducing waste and energy costs wherever possible. With this returnable container initiative, the customer has lowered their costs, plus the scheduled returns made to tie in with deliveries has reduced road miles for our vehicles, delivering a more environmentally friendly approach.

Maximising our customer's container assets is a fundamental part of our business. Unnecessary waste is something we take seriously at McLanachan Transport, and we work closely with our customers to help reduce costs where we can.

Leanne Russell