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McLanachan Transport Awarded ISO Quality Management Accreditation

Over our many years as a key logistics and haulage partner, McLanachan Transport Limited (MTL) has continually developed its processes, procedures and accreditations to ensure we provide confidence and assurance to our customers and best-in-class service solutions.

These are critical elements in a logistics support partner, and that is why at McLanachan Transport, we feel it is crucial to provide trust in our business from day one and throughout our relationships.

What is ISO 9001, and what does it mean for you as a customer?

Most people will be aware of ISO 9001, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. This highly respected accreditation ensures that our operations not only meet customer expectations but should exceed them across the range of services assessed.

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For organisations that hold ISO 9001 certification, there is a commitment to follow international process standards for quality management. This must include a high standard of documentation, an end-to-end process trail, and a transparent self-auditing system within the logistics sector.

How were McLanachan transport assessed?

We achieved ISO 9001 for our main service provisions:

  • Logistics services throughout the UK and Europe
  • Temperature-controlled • Fresh and frozen foods
  • High-value specialised products
  • Hazardous goods.

These critical areas of our client support services place McLanachan Transport in an enviable position within our industry.

"Standards help keep our business accountable for service excellence. I expect everyone at McLanachan Transport to always be at the top of their game. This ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification is a reminder to maintain our excellent track record for customer service and satisfaction."
Damian McLanachan, Managing Director, McLanachan Transport Limited

Achieving the ISO 9001 certification helps align MTLs quality management standards and systems with its customers, who are part of highly regulated and accredited sectors, including foods, wines, spirits & drinks, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.

To read more about our associations and accreditations and why they help make it easier for you to choose MTL as your logistics partner, visit our Accreditation and Associations page.