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Ten out of ten for MTL's new tractor units and trailer fleet acquisitions

From the Highlands of Scotland to the Swiss Alps, McLanachan Transport’s fleet traverses the length and breadth of Europe 365 days a year. With such long and sometimes challenging routes, we need our drivers to be not only safe but comfortable.

We have always taken pride in our fleet and believe that investment in the business brings its rewards. Across every part of our company investing in the right people, the right technology and, of course, the right tractor units and trailers create a company that its customers trust to deliver.

damian with trucks1

To reaffirm this commitment, McLanachan Transport Managing Director Damian McLanachan (pictured above) was at Scania's Eurocentral dealership to take delivery of three new tractor units, part of a £2.5 million investment in ten tractor units and ten trailers.

Watch our video, showcasing initial new fleet rollout

Optimised for business and drivers

McLanachan Transport has a well-established relationship with Scania, which has a reputation for producing best-in-class comfort and reliability.

Damian McLanachan commented: "We want to give our drivers the best possible equipment and working environment. We take driver comfort seriously, and as a driver myself, I understand it can be challenging when you don't have the right cabs and trailers. Our large service network throughout the UK and Europe requires reliable vehicles, which gives both the drivers and transport planners the confidence and peace of mind to deal with the day-to-day challenges of the road haulage industry."

These three new tractor units - two Scania 660S Sleeper Highline and one Scania R660 Sleeper Highline are the first of the ten commissioned by MTL. A contented driver is a better driver, and a good night's sleep is now even more archival with a redesigned larger bed. New innovative storage options ensure a more organised cabin for personal items, plus an optimised dashboard and infotainment system.

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Trailers for the new era of European haulage

Post-Brexit, European wide logistics has had to adjust to new systems and procedures. When combined with long-distance transportation, ferry crossings, customs, and crossing borders with valuable cargo, much of which requires controlled temperature levels, McLanachan Transport needs quality tractor units and efficient, reliable trailers and dual temperature compartments.

In addition to new Scania tractor units, MTL has invested in ten new Gray & Adams trailers with Thermo King dual-zone temperature control creating an outstanding trilogy of reliability.

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Better performance and efficiency

Part of the remit Damian set was to ensure the new fleet would bring as much fuel savings and efficiencies as possible for European wide haulage.

Scania has a reputation for innovation. The design of both R and S series trucks to streamline airflow and achieve the lowest possible air resistance, combined with new V8 engines and gearbox, have the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%, which may not sound a lot. But, when you consider the tens of thousands of miles clocked up by the McLanachan Transport fleet over a year, you begin to see the impact these new trucks will make.

Complementing the new trucks, the investment in the new Gray & Adams custom-built trailers offers flexibility and efficiency. When combined with Thermo King's SLXi Spectrum dual-zone refrigeration units, with up to 20% lower energy consumption than other manufacturers, you see the potential for environmental savings.

Equipped with the most advanced telematics and connectivity capability on the market, the Thermo King SLXi units allow our drivers to access ambient data via a smartphone app. Back at head office, McLanachan Transport Planners will have a consistent flow of data required to manage a fleet proactively, maximise uptime and improve efficiency.

MTL is creating a modern, efficient fleet to meet the logistics demands of our customers now and in the future. Please visit our contact page to discuss our effective solutions for your UK and European wide customs and logistics needs.